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Since the beginning of music as an art form, there have been patrons of the arts who help support creators. This page offers the opprotunity to be involved in the process. Through your support, I will be able to release more of my material in ways that will allow me to keep up with the times as technology changes.  A lot goes into the creative process, but even more goes into getting music released. However you are able to support is appreciated and will go toward my ultimate goal of getting my music to more people. In todays business it is extremely difficult to recoup any of the money invested in releasing music. I am not asking for a hand out, but instead inviting you to be a part of this process and I hope to be able to offer things in return that will make your contribution more of an investment. THANK YOU!

New album

I'm excited to announce the upcoming (2024) release of the Big Soul Ensemble's 2nd album. It literally has been years in the making. Trying to schedule 17 busy musicians is no easy feat. We had tried to do ad hoc live sessions with no real luck over the past several years, but we finally scheduled a session and made it happen! We have been lucky to have a new home to perform at (The Cock n' Bull in Galway, NY). The  club is an 1850's barn that has wonderful acoustics. Since first making music there in 2017, I thought often about trying to record in that space. The owner loved the idea of having the band do a recording and offered up the space off hours. On June 2nd, 2024, I brought a bunch of gear and set up early in the morning with no time to spare as the musicians filed in and before I knew it we recorded 10 tunes! I had high hopes of 6, never imagining we would get through 10. The result was better than I cold have hoped and now we are on to the next phase: mixing, and mastering followed by promotion and distribution. All of these elements are the nitty gritty of the process and no where near as fun as making the music, but it needs to be done! With your help the process may be more manageable and it will be greatly appreciated!

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